Nutritional Therapist Rachael offers natural, naturapathic solutions to the problems of Chronic fatigue disorders. Having suffered with, and healed herself, from Chronic Fatigue syndrome (often also called ME) She has both the experience, expertise,empathy and sympathy to be able to help others on their own journey back to improved health.

It is estimated that around 250,000 people in the UK suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), with 1 in 4 of these sufferers experiencing severe symptoms that affect quality of life and seriously reduce mobility.

Fatigue disorders can be complex in terms of both their symptoms and their causes, some of which are outlined below:

  •  a viral infection
  • problems with the immune system
  • an imbalance of hormones
  • psychiatric problems, such as stress and emotional trauma.1

As a naturopathic nutritional therapist, Rachael looks at chronic fatigue holistically, and we can see that a lot of the symptoms and causes are often linked, a Viral infection shows a struggling immune system, hormones which are imbalanced relate to stress and adrenal issues and often these have an impact on the thyroid. It is also often the case that along side these issues lies deficiencies in relevant vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies can be address by observing, correct nutrition and where approriate the use of supplementaion.

Making some lifestyle changes can also help to restore energy and eleviate some of the symptoms. Rachael will guide you to regaining health and vitality by looking at your diet and suggesting adjustments to ensure you are getting everything you need from the foods you eat. This will be tailored to your specific needs.

To find out more call Rachael on 01903 744426 or 07765 190317